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Bodyflight is a fun and exciting experience where true freefall conditions of a skydive are simulated in a windtunnel. Enjoy flying without jumping out of an airplane!

Indoor skydiving is both a fun thing to do for people that are curious about flying and a training platform for skydivers. You will have the same sensation as jumping out off an airplane and falling through the sky - but in a safer environment. Bodyflight Stockholm can simulate freefall speeds up to 300km / h, whereas first-timers usually fly at speeds of around 200km / h.

Technology of a wind tunnel

A wind tunnel is operated by four gigantic fans with a total strength of 2500hk. These create an air flow which reaches up to 300km / h. The diameter of the air chamber is 4.3m and the height is 22m making it the world's highest wind tunnel! Spectators see the 5m long bottom part of the wind tunnel which has a glass wall to watch flyers inside the tunnel.


  • Anyone who is physically healthy
  • Age restriction: 3 years and up
  • No previous experience required
  • Weight restriction of 120kg
  • People under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Pregnant women
  • People suffering from back problems or shoulders that easily dislocate
  • People with heart conditions / pacemakers

Arrive early - Please arrive at Bodyflight Stockholm an hour before your booked flight time, so you have enough time to try out the equipment, meet your instructor, and conduct a safety briefing.

Check in - The first thing you do when you arrive at the tunnel is to check in at the flight desk/reception. Instructors will help you with the necessary equipment such as overalls, earplugs, helmets and goggles.

Safety briefing & Gear up - Your group will be assigned to an instructor who will take care of you until the flight is over. Your instructor will proceed with a safety briefing before going to the gear-up to change to your flying equipment (overall, goggles, helmet).

Flying - Finally it's time to fly! Your instructor will now take you into the air chamber where you will experience the art of flying. The instructor will be there during the entire flight and he/she will make sure that you are safe and you are having fun.

Debrief - Quick evaluation of your experience with the instructor.

Rounding up - After leaving, you can download a video of your flight  that you can post on social media or save on your computer. 

It is also possible to buy refreshments and to watch others fly.

  • All necessary equipment
  • Professional instructor
  • Safety briefing
  • Flight session
  • Feedback after the flight
  • Insurance


Opening Hours

During summer we are open: Wednesday - Sunday

Telephone Hours

Every day 10:00-18: 00

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