About Bodyflight

Make the dream of flying a reality!

Bodyflight is a fun and exciting experience where true freefall conditions of a skydive are simulated in a windtunnel. Enjoy flying without jumping out of an airplane!

Indoor skydiving is both a fun thing to do for people that are curious about flying and a training platform for skydivers. You will have the same sensation as jumping out off an airplane and falling through the sky - but in a safer environment. Bodyflight can simulate freefall speeds up to 300km / h, whereas first-timers usually fly at speeds of around 200km / h.

You fly on a beam of air in a glass chamber that simulates the wind just like during a skydive. Therefore you fly the same body positions as you would in the open air. The entire body acts as a rudder in the strong air stream and you will learn how to maneuver your body in free fall - an incomparable experience. Skydivers have been training at Bodyflight for years to practice their skills before competitions.

Vertical wind tunnels have been used to test the aerodynamics of aircraft since the early 1900s. The first commercial wind tunnel for human flight was opened in 1982 in Las Vegas which gave the general public the opportunity to experience this unique feeling. Skydivers have ever since used the tunnel to practice their freefall skills in a very efficient way. Today there are 100's of wind tunnels in the world, and more are being built every year. The experience is so unique that most people "get hooked" after their first flight and are coming back for more.

Most customers at Bodyflight are first time flyers, in other words people with no experience of either wind tunnels or skydiving. A certified instructor will be at your side to assist you and ensure a positive and enjoyable experience, aswell as your safety.

Welcome to Bodyflight!

Bodyflight is a perfect alternative to bowling, pentathlon or the like. But more fun! Book this unforgettable experience for your next Kick-off, team-building event or bachelor- and bachelorette party.

Everyone can fly at Bodyflight!