Is there an age limit?

You must be at least 3 years old and understand simple signs and speech. No upper age limit, if a 3-year old can fly, cant you? Welcome!

Is there a weight limit?

For safety reasons, we have a weight limit of 120 kg.

What to wear?

We recommend comfortable clothing such as jeans, sneakers and t-shirt that you wear under the flight suit. High-heeled shoes should not be worn during flight. Bodyflight provides all customers with a flight suit, helmet and goggles.

Can I bring my camera into the air chamber?

No, for security reasons, no loose items can be taken into the air chamber or waiting chamber.

Do I need to bring my giftcard?

No, it is enough to have your giftcard number with you to the check-in.

How do I get to Bodyflight?



How long before the flight should I be at Bodyflight?

You have to be here at your specified arrival time (45 minutes before your booked flight time) and check in at the front desk. Late arrival may result in you losing your flight time.

How long will I be at Bodyflight?

From your arrival time, 45 min before the booked flight time, the activity takes a total of two hours.

Can my friends come along and watch?

Of course! The more the merrier.

Can I cancel?

Rebooking of an appointment must be made no later than 72 hours before the scheduled appointment. In the event that the customer does not rebook 72 hours before, the gift card is considered expired.

Safety, who can not fly?

• Persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs 
• Pregnant women 
• People suffering from back problems or shoulders that easily dislocate
• People with heart conditions / pacemakers

Is the facility accessible for handicapped?

Yes, Bodyflight wants everyone to be able to fly. 

When are you considered a proflyer?

It is different from person to person how quickly you learn the basics of flying your body and you can start buying proflyer time. Before booking a proflyer slot you need to have flown at least 2 min in a wind tunnel before.  

If I bought an hour, do I need to fly it all at once?

No, it's fine to divide your time in several sessions. We recommend to book 15 minute blocks where you rotate with others. For example, you can fly 2:30 x 6 and rotate with someone else who also booked 15 minutes on the same 30-minute block. 

Can I share an hour with a friend?

Yes, it's fine to share your time with a friend. However, you need to have a certain skill level to fly together in the tunnel.

Are there coaches available?

Yes, there are coaches available at Bodyflight. To get a coach you have to book it in advance, we can not guarantee a coach without reservation.

What does a coach cost?

One hour of coaching with Bodyflight's coaches costs 6000 SEK/hour OFF PEAK, 7000 SEK/hour ON PEAK. Including the tunnel time. 

Can I fly with Cookie G3 with aluminum side plates?

No, they risk damaging the glass chamber, please use plastic plates.

Can I with a disability fly?

Bodyflight wants everybody to feel welcome and we think that everybody should be able to fly with us! Therefore, we made our facility accessible for people with disabilities when we built it.

At our facility in Stockholm, there is a gate at Masugnsvägen 24 that can be used, and parking spaces for disabled are just outside our front door.  The premises are designed with lifts, ramps and disabled toilets.

In our facility in Gothenburg all the premises are on the ground floor. Parkingspaces for disabled are just outside the building.

For inquiries with special needs, please contact:

Stockholm: Nina Velasco: nina.velasco@bodyflight.se

Gothenburg: The reception : gothenburg@bodyflight.se