General conditions Bodyflight Stockholm 

1. General: Bodyflight Stockholm, 556961-0461 provides the experience "Bodyflight" which means people can fly their own body in a stream of air in a glass chamber. Anyone buying an experience is hereinafter referred to as the Customer.

Bodyflight Stockholm AB

BOX 20154

16102 Bromma

+46 76 868 77 57

 2. Insurance: All Customers purchasing the experience Bodyflight will be insured for accidents at no additional charge in case of any damage, loss or other problems that arise in connection with the experience itself. All information about this insurance are on .

3. Restrictions and limitations: specifies all restrictions and conditions for the experience Bodyflight.

If any of these conditions are unclear we kindly ask you to contact the Bodyflight Customer Service for more information. Bodyflight would also like to underline that the specified time required for each customer experience should be seen as an estimate.

4. Bodyflight offers digital gift vouchers for bachelorette and bachelor parties, first-time flyers, kick-off meetings and Proflyers. The gift certificates can be used from the time of purchase until a later date, and be booked through the booking system provided on The gift vouchers are valid both in Stockholm and Gothenburg (preliminary opening dec 2018).

5. The gift voucher is valid for 12 months beginning from the time of purchase. The customer must book a time in the valid time period of the gift voucher. If the customer does not book a time in the valid period, the voucher is not valid anymore. Large groups are not covered by the buy-back guarantee. 

If the gift voucher is about to expire, customer can extend the voucher for another 4 months. The cost for this extension is 20% of the vouchers value.

6. An appointment is binding but can be re-booked.

Re-bookings of a booked time for a person shall not be made later than 72 hours before the scheduled appointment.

If the Customer has suffered from an illness, we accept a medical certificate for rebooking the time.

For groups over 10 persons the cancellation and re-booking must be done at least 14 days before the booked time. If a group or business event was cancelled between 7-14 days prior to the booked time, Bodyflight collects a 30 percent cancellation fee. If a group or business event was cancelled between 2-6 days before the booked time, Bodyflight collects a 75 percent cancellation fee. If the booking is canceled later, the full amount is due.

When groups and companies are re-booked, Bodyflight collects a re-booking fee of 10 percent of the total amount.

7. Return Policy: If the Customer wants to return the purchase made through Bodyflight and the experience has not been booked or flight not yet has been completed, a return is possible within 14 days from the date of purchase. If the purchase is made through one of Bodyflight's authorized resellers, the Customer shall turn to the distributor for the return of goods and the refund. Authorised dealers are presented on Bodyflight´s website

For larger groups and business customers, the cancellation policy is stated in paragraph 6.

8. Complaints and liability: Bodyflight is responsible as stated in these Terms and Conditions. Any complaint shall be sent to Bodyflight on or

9. Lost or stolen gift vouchers: In the event of a lost or stolen voucher, the customer must contact Bodyflight immediately. The customer receives a new gift voucher according to the details in Bodyflights register or with other evidence of their purchase. An administrative fee of 150 SEK will apply.

10. Special deals: Bodyflight can at short notice offer fun flights at special prices, so-called "last minute deals". For "last-minute" offers special terms and conditions apply which are valid at the time of the "last minute deal".

11. Force Majeure: Bodyflight is also exempt from liability to the Customer of Bodyflight and exempt from fulfilling its obligations due to circumstances beyond Bodyflight's control or ability of Bodyflight to reasonably foresee these, and which consequently Bodyflight could have not avoided or overcome, or Bodyflight is exempt from fulfilling its obligations due to circumstances attributable to third parties or due to natural disaster, lightning, power outages, labor disputes, war or unrest, fire, new or amended legislation or regulatory provision, faulty external telecommunications or similar circumstances.

12. Changes: Bodyflight has the right, without notice, on its own volition or due to authority requirements, to change their Terms and Conditions. Any changes will take effect as soon as they become available on the

The Customer is asked to stay updated regarding the Terms and Conditions.

13. Privacy policy: When the customer places his order, Bodyflight discloses the personal data. In connection with the Customer's order, the Customer accepts that Bodyflight stores and uses the Customer data for Bodyflight activities to fulfill the agreement to the Customer. Bodyflight may also use the Customer's e-mail address for newsletters and for marketing purposes. According to GDPR, the customer is entitled to access the information that Bodyflight has registered about the Customer. If the information is incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant, the Customer may request the information to be corrected or deleted. Contact us in that case on or

Bodyflight does not send any personal information to third parties if not required by law, order or other governmental action.

14. Bodyflight confirms purchase by e-mail to the Customer. Customer agrees that a movie is recorded on Customer at the time of the flight. The purpose of this is to provide the Customer with a documented memory of his experience. The film will be sent to all participants that day, meaning other people may see your movie. The customer also agrees that Bodyflight will publish the film on a selected "social media platform" or other online community. Bodyflight can not ensure that every Customer gets a movie of his flight.

15. Quick Information: The payment at Bodyflight is treated by Bambora, a secure electronic payment solution for Visa and Mastercard / Eurocard. All credit card information is stored in accordance with the card networks' regulations. Payment of your debit card is done directly.

 16. Cookies: You must accept the session cookies to be able to use the Bodyflight website. These cookies enable you to carry out your orders in an easy and smooth way and will disappear when you log out of the service or close your browser. If you do not want to accept the use of cookies, you can set this via your browser's security settings. Please note that if the use of cookies is denied, some features will not function fully.

17. Protected Information: To prevent unauthorized access, ensure that information is accurate and that the data is used in the right way, Bodyflight, together with the vendor, implemented certain physical, electronic, and administrative safety functions to protect the information we collect online. We protect the data in accordance with established security standards and procedures, such as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), and we are constantly evaluating new technologies that are designed to protect information. Bodyflight employees are trained to understand and comply with these procedures for the processing of data, and we will inform all employees about our confidentiality agreement, routines and guidelines.

18. We use Bambora as a payment solution and thereby fulfill at every opportunity necessary requirements for payment solutions. This means you can safely and securely make your card payments on the Bodyflight website.